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Early Symptoms of Lung Cancer Often Occur

Early Symptoms of Lung Cancer Often Occur
Cancer is no longer claimed the lives of elderly people. Young people aged 30 years not a few who died from cancer.

Data from World Health Organization (WHO) calls, the world population of 8.2 million lives lost due to cancer. 4.7 million men and 3.5 million women. To reduce those numbers, the WHO and the investigators advise us to recognize the major symptoms of the disease is the most frightening.

Cancer Research in London cited symptoms in lung cancer. Most of these cancers do not cause any symptoms. Unwittingly, the cancer has spread too far, ultimately difficult to cure.

However, they caution, symptoms do occur in some people in the early stages of lung cancer. A cough that does not go away or change into a chronic cough can be an early indication of the disease.

In addition, chest pain due to coughing, difficult breathing, hoarseness, bloody stones are early warning signs.

4 Steps to Reduce Cellulite on Thighs

Almost all women have cellulite in the body, usually the most commonly found in the thigh area. As a result when wearing skirts or shorts looks so unappealing because of the presence of fat trapped beneath the skin's layers.

Fortunately there are some things you can do to reduce the fat removed by the body's failure. Here are four things you can do to reduce cellulite:

1. Cardio exercise

Cellulite is a type of fat and how to dispose of it by burning through cardio exercise. Running, cycling, climbing up the mountain is a 'weapon' to cut cellulite.

Keep in mind that cellulite can not be reduced in a matter of weeks. It took a few months a new exercise visible results.

2. Tighten body

When fat is reduced, you can exercise that trains the thigh. So that part firmer.

3. Eat healthy foods

In addition to exercise, a healthy food intake to maintain weight plays an important role. This will reduce the cellulite on your thighs. Consumption of fruits and vegetables, protein from beans, healthy fats.

4. The need for adequate water
Keeping the body fluids in order to always fulfilled able to improve skin texture. In addition, adequate water helps remove excess fluid in the body.

Why Many People Affected by Cancer?

Why Many People Affected by Cancer?
Lack of fruits and vegetables thought to trigger a lot of people suffering from cancer. Modern societies tend to not pay attention to nutrition and consume more foods that cause carcinogenic.

Today many foods contain carcinogens cause cancer like having preservatives, dyes and formaldehyde. In addition, many children are not accustomed to eating vegetables and fruit early. In fact, fiber is important to avoid disease.

The occurrence of cancer is not just one day. There are many triggers of cancer, which until now unknown. So it is advisable to always eat food from home. Because more healthy home-cooked meal to avoid preservatives and other chemicals that harm the body.

Prevent Dementia in Old Age

Prevent Dementia in Old Age
Prevent dementia in old age is actually not as difficult as imagined. There is a fun way to continue to sharpen the brain that are not easily forgotten.

One exciting way to reduce the risk of dementia or alzhimer is learning a foreign language. Because according to a study published in the Journal of Neuroscience, when we speak another language, the brain will actively work.

So also with the latest research. Researchers found levels of intelligence who own two or more foreign languages, extraordinary cognitive abilities.

Additionally, one study noted Psychological Science, those who master two foreign languages ??or more, can process certain words quickly, especially if the word has the same meaning.

So far, the American Association on Science also believe, bilingual speaking people can reduce the risk of Alzheimer's until 4-5 years later, compared to those who know only one language.

Still do not believe it, the benefits of learning a foreign language is also turned out to be good for children. Why? A study conducted by the International Journal of Bilingualism mentioned, children who could speak several languages ?? have the ability to complete tasks and problems better.

1. Learning a foreign language

There are many benefits of mastering various languages. You can enjoy books, music, and movies in other languages. Even multi-lingual believed to prevent the symptoms of Alzheimer's dementia alias.

In a study of 450 Alzheimer's patients, led by Ellen Bialystok, a psychology professor at York University in Toronto, they were mastering other languages, most of their lives were able to prevent Alzheimer's symptoms for four to five years longer than those who spoke only one language.

Although the ability to speak two languages ??does not prevent disease "robbers" of that memory, it delay the appearance of symptoms.

Why? The key may be something called cognitive reserve. Learning and speaking two languages ??requires the brain to work harder, which help keep the brain agile. Such as doing crossword puzzles and learning new skills that can help the brain create and maintain more neuronal connections.

2. Walking

Besides being able to improve memory, walking at a moderate pace can burn up to 417 calories. It definitely makes the body stay slim and fit to senior citizens.

Brain with more cognitive reserve and more flexibility and control of the executive considered able to replace the loss of neurons associated with Alzheimer's disease.

3. Diet Mediterranean

those whose consumption of fruits and fresh vegetables in portions quite a lot, as well as nuts, fish and olive oil, the lower the risk of developing dementia.

Research from the University of Medical School in Exeter, said the study came after last month revealed that the diet can help parents counteract the risk of stroke.

"The Mediterranean diet is a delicious and nutritious food, and our systematic review showed it may help protect the aging brain by reducing the risk of dementia," said study leader, Illiana Lourida.

The relationship between regular on the Mediterranean diet and the risk of dementia, Illiana added, is not a new one. In the first study, he and his group systematically has analyzed all the available evidence.

"Our review also highlighted inconsistencies in the literature, and the need for further studies. In these studies, it is necessary to clarify the relationships with mild cognitive impairment and dementia vaskulas," he added.

4. Drink Coffee

Research conducted in the United States shows, coffee may reduce the risk of dementia. The study, published through the Journal of Neuroinflammation is associated with a lower risk of Alzheimer's disease.

Vital barrier between the brain and the main blood supply to the rabbit with fat-rich diet were protected, especially in rabbits given caffeine supplements. In the experiment, researchers from the University of North Dakota, USA, has only a cup of coffee in the rabbit every day. This is the best evidence of the benefits of coffee.

Blood-brain barrier is a filter which protects the central nervous system of chemicals, potentially harmful, circulating in the bloodstream. Other studies show that high levels of blood cholesterol can make this barrier "leaky". This makes the brain vulnerable to damage.

After 12 weeks fed a diet high in cholesterol, blood insulating brain in rabbits that were given caffeine far more intact than those without caffeine. "Caffeine appears to inhibit some of the damaging effects of cholesterol that make the blood-brain baffle leak," said Dr. Jonathan Geiger, leader of the study, as quoted by the BBC. For the record, high cholesterol is a risk factor for Alzheimer's disease.

Caffeine is a drug that has the ability to stabilize the blood-brain insulation. This could be an important part in therapy to relieve neurological disorders.

However, the researchers expressed the need for further research on the effects of caffeine in humans.

Practicing Catch Ball Can Boost Body Balance

Practicing Catch Ball Can Boost Body Balance
The elderly are more susceptible to fall. This is due to the limited balance and less stable. Indeed, age can make a person lose anticipatory postural control or ability to maintain balance. Improve balance, parents can do a strenuous workout catching the ball.

"Rehabilitation is designed specifically to enhance the adjustment of postural control and then improve the overall balance," said Alexander Aruin, Professor of Physical Therapy at the University of Illinois, in Chicago, as reported by Zeenews, Tuesday (01/12/2015).

The researchers asked a group of healthy young adults to stand up and catch the medicine ball. In another study, they ask the same group of people older adults healthy.

Then, researchers measured the electrical activity of the leg muscles and look for differences in the ability of the two age groups to produce anticipatory postural adjustments before and after training.

In older adults, the researchers found a way not only to improve, but also increase in performing tasks that are not part of the training.

"No effect the transfer," said Aurin.

The results of this study were published in two journals that Electromyography and Kinesiology and Experimental Brain Research.

Recognize Cancer in Early Childhood

Recognize Cancer in Early Childhood
Childhood cancer is different than cancer in adults. If adults can be prevented, while the children can not be prevented as disclosed pediatrician who focuses on pediatric cancer.

If you notice symptoms, it's good to check to the doctor. If the cancer was not the least we have confirmed that it is not cancer.

Here's what to look out for and identified from cancer since early childhood:

1. Pale, bruised, or bleeding and bone pain.
2. Looks lump or swelling pain and without fever or signs of infection laing.
3. Weight loss or fever for no apparent reason, a persistent cough or shortness of breath and sweating at night.
4. Changes in the eye, such as the invisibility of white beads, cross-eyed, loss of vision, and bruising or swelling around the eyes.
5. Stomach bulge.
6. Headache persistent or severe vomiting (usually occurs in the morning or can deteriorate from day to day).
7. Pain in the hands, feet or bones and swelling without a history of trauma or infection.

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