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Poem - Prayer and Rain

Poem - Prayer and Rain

Prayer and Rain

Why rain ...
Because He knows there is a lonely
Let the sound of patter with him
The drizzle became a melody when it touches the foliage

Why rain ...
Because He knows there are hearts are full of hope
Let the wind blowing in her face
Him realize that there who are listening

Why rain ...
Because He knew someone was longing
Let him feel the water flowing in the fingers
Convinced him there are people who also lifted a hand

Under the same sky
Giving the same prayer...

Poem - Your Presence

Poem - Your Presence

Your Presence

Silent in a room
Looking forward to your presence
Which has been promised by the time
God reconciled future already determined
Search for a puzzle
Until the end of the puzzle was answered his own
This heart restless waiting for the length of time
Attempts amid a deep silence
The heart sunk awaits
The footsteps continued to weaken
Until the end
This self amazed to see your face
Now the struggle was not in vain
And those days are now my go through with you

Poem - Forever

Poem - Forever


I could be calm
But the hardest thing is I can not stand losing you
Because you're everything to me
I have given thee all my heart

Did you know I love you so deeply?
My love for you never know bored
Because every time my love will never fade
I love you so much

I volunteered to be a place for you to shelter
Of all the problems that make you depressed
I'll try to be whatever you want
As long as I'm still able to breathe for you
I'm here, for you forever

Poem - Your Advice

Your Advice

If the sun deny his command
Then what god intermediary in providing energy to the universe
If the rains do not come in eight years
Perhaps the hopes crushed dry in the desert dust

The Universe has promised before created
Like a mother who promised before giving birth

About appointments...
Do not swear!
If the vow is not as firm as the sun...
Do not tie the magician!
If you intend to argue...

Surprisingly... Rain came every evening
Ask about your promises
Remember ...
I do not get excited... I just budge...
Release all that...
Are not you embarrassed?
Did not all of your advice ?!
What you whisper to me at that time!

Poem - The Life of the Mind

The Life of the Mind

Early thinking too short-sighted to understand
A chunk of the world where I stand now
Recognizing a life makes me sick at my birth
Because the earth has never taught me how to feel
The affection that I could until now only able to make me just breathe
I'm just became quiet and endure
Realizing what had crept into my heart
Scares me to leave a role in this farce
laughter sometimes makes me want to stay forever
But when I cry
I went back to lie
Limitations in thinking and moving through the transition
Sweetness want my life touched forever
So that at least I put behind my lips smiling
In order for me to grow confidence in the lower myself
That there is no difference beings before God
I want to close my eyes so that I feel the sweetness in
And I threw bitter slowly
Leave the rumble of my unseemly

Poem - My Life Is On My Shoulder

My Life Is On My Shoulder

I was silent in a daydream
sit back
Denounce all this tired themselves in nature
I looked at the ripple streaming
I started thinking
When I see the fruits
Float tottering
Dragged down by its heavy waves
Like myself
Which has been struggling
Duty, routines, and my obligation as a human being
Often I'm tired
Want to complain but to whom?
And it is here
I miss my mother's presence
because mothers
Understand with his child complaint
But unfortunately the almighty favored my mother
Now just wait and willingly
Who became spirit
and strength
In life my
Because I realized
My life in my shoulder
Only I who can carry it
If I'm tired, I whisper to nature
All my complaints
In prayer I hang hopes
And my destiny...

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