Wednesday, September 17, 2014

How to Make Scramble Egg

The flurry of the morning we take a short time to make lunches. Scramble one egg-making supplies are easy, fast and practical. We just simply need two eggs and two egg chicken duck. Then shaken up enough to develop. Then we heat the skillet or Teflon with a sufficient dose of cooking oil such as sauteing. After the heat and pour the egg mixture over the teflon and teflon smooth throughout with a small flame. Before the egg hardens pitted stir eggs slowly over teflon left to right top to bottom with a wooden spoon for five minutes. Last serve on a plate with a pinch of salt sprinkled. Good luck! Enjoy!

How to Form Sixpack Stomach Faster

Start Your Morning With Water
Drink water after you wake up at least 2 glasses of water. A recent study found that drinking water after waking up can boost your metabolism by 24% for the next 90 minutes. Moreover, muscle cells grow faster when they are well hydrated. Consumption of enough water every day is recommended to help shape your sixpack stomach.

Combine Proteins and Carbohydrates
Although carbohydrate can be stored so fat that can cover your abdominal muscles, your body needs carbohydrates remain as a source of energy. When combined with protein, carbohydrates can help build muscle, especially if you combine both before and after exercise. More muscle the more fat is lost.

Healthy Lunch
Avoid fast food and soft drinks. This food will only make you grow fat and inhibits the formation of your sixpack stomach. For a healthier menu you can try some of the following menu:

- An apple and cheese for your morning snack.
- Eat complex carbohydrates, such as whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta, oatmeal, brown rice. These foods contain more fiber and may delay your hunger longer. And complete with high protein foods such as chicken, tuna, nuts or soy.
- You can add a protein shake into your afternoon snack.

Lunch with a healthy menu every day will make you a much more full and satisfied. In addition, your body also get enough nutrition for the move.

Enough Sleep
Apply enough sleep habits to get your sixpack stomach. The body needs 7-8 hours of sleep for phase formation and muscle recovery. Studies say, if you lack sleep for 3 days in a row can cause your muscle cells become resistant to the hormone insulin. This leads to the accumulation of fat around your belly with slow metabolism, increases appetite and decreases the amount of calories burned.

With a little change into a healthier lifestyle habits, you can get a sixpack stomach more quickly and optimally. What are you waiting? you should immediately apply this healthy lifestyle today!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Challenge of Public Service Reforms in Indonesia

The challenge of public service for government agencies became stronger as the implementation of Reforms on the one hand and the rapid development of information and communication technology (ICT) on the other. The Government and the Ministry of Administrative Reforms (Kemenpan and RB) as a public service authority within the framework of a shed Reforms challenges facing public services related to the recent developments of ICT. Such challenges are (a) the difficulty in accelerating the reform of the bureaucracy, with alternative solutions such as developing different ways and improve incentives and support systems both at central and regional levels; (b) the continuity of the idea of ​​"One Body One Innovation" in which public service providers in both the central and regional levels should create the capacity to guide the evaluation and knowledge transfer; and (c) Fragmentation of knowledge of public services and increased exposure to international public service and its implementation.

Various efforts made by the public service providers should pay attention to these things in the hope that there is:
- Changes in people's perceived main public service improvement;
- The dynamics of public service with a good long-term commitment to public service in the form of best practices and the exchange of best practices knowledge of public services;
- Exchange of knowledge about RB and sustainable public service both national and international levels;
- The development of knowledge-based bureaucracy with a focus on performance and knowledge.

In other words, a comprehensive change is needed in building the Public Service including how it operates, and how its management. Because without it is impossible to deliver public services in a timely, effective and efficient. The government will remain focused on the implementation of reforms, the key word is a promise or a commitment to public service are always better.

Fundamental reforms in the Public Service can not become a reality without the support and commitment of all the civil state apparatus. Public Service in the future will be more streamlined, more responsive and more effective. It will provide better service and would be a better place to work.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Develop Your Brain To Make It More Better

Here are some ways to develop brain :

1. Sports Running For Brain Cells
Many say that people who do a lot of physical exercise training may have a better brain. In other words they do sports it means melakkukan gladly sport they love, such as running back while listening to music or fitness.

2. Improve Skills
Some mental stimulation repeated is actually good for your brain as long as you continue to improve your skills and knowledge base. Everyday activities such as gardening, sewing, reading, crossword puzzles can be useful for your brain health as long as you push yourself to continue to do so at different rates.

3. Digging Memory
Look back at old photo albums or your school yearbook. Your brain is a memory machine, so let it work that does not rust.

4. Play Puzzle
Playing puzzles in his spare time is a good way to exercise your brain and keep his condition.

5. Trying Something New

Finding new ways of thinking and trying new things to improve the function of brain regions that are less active.

6. Always Wanted To Know "Ask"

Familiarize yourself to always want to know! Ask yourself and others around you about various things. Make it a habit to ask "why?" At least 10 times a day. Your brain becomes trained and the opportunities and solutions will show up in kehidupananda.

7. Laugh
Laughter is good for health, for life we have felt the efficacy of laughter that can reduce stress and mental distress. So laugh laugh before it was banned!

8. Writing To Read

Writing is one of the good stimulant for your brain because writing can develop the capacity of your brain. Try to start by writing the story of your childhood or start creating your own blog or whatever as long as you write it with the intention to be read by others.

9. Play and Work
Without personal satisfaction, then you can not do anything with the maximum When a person develops through learning and creativity, he is excited and will give 127% ability to work. Recall what you like when you were little and apply it into your work. It is key to the genius, talent and your talent. Da Vinci, Edison and Picasso all love to play and they love to explore.

10. Learning
Actually we are developing the potential of our brain when we use it to learn new things. Learn new topics from your field of work or your hobby. If there are currently no topics that catch your eye, try to learn a new word each day. Familiarize your mind to keep learning.

In essence we do not stop to always use our brains, use always, the more complicated the more stable our brains honed to think quickly!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Impact of Straw Burning

Every dry season arrives, lack of green fodder needs (feed) really felt by the farmers. Because the forage production decreased sharply or only about 50% of the average production per month.

The data shows, in Indonesian rice straw majority (36-62%) of farmers burned or returned to the ground as compost. To feed ranged between 31-39%, while the rest is between 7-16% is used for industrial purposes. Each hectare of rice crop area can produce an average of 3.86 tons / year dry matter of rice straw.

In other words, most of the hay production was immediately burnt to ashes so that the soil can be worked out for the next growing season. Whether we realize it or not, this straw burning has negative impacts large enough.

First, we have lost accidentally burned organic material. Second, burning on the ecology of the land itself. The third is the effect of environmental pollution can be detrimental to health, especially when it is close to residential areas. Also the traffic disruption caused by the smoke, both land and air traffic.

Economic losses due to the combustion of organic materials is a very handy up in flames. Then the soil microorganism flora and fauna were also destroyed by increasing soil fertility decline. By itself this higher fertilization needed to keep the soil productive. As a result, high production costs and increasingly efficient.

Tips For Google Adsense Publisher

Tips For Google Adsense Publisher :

1 Do not click on your ads Alone, danger for your adsense, because it would be considered fraudulent clicks, which will have an impact on our adsense warning

2 Maximize all forms of facilities available on google, google webmaster tools like google analytics or, or also with other tools such facilities from bing webmaster or others are more scattered on the internet

3 Look for a community of learning adsense, so that our insights about adsense expanded and able to maximize our revenue.

4 In addition, many also blogwalking, in order to increase our page rank, but also do not overdo it, eg in 1 hour we had 20 comments on the blog, we'll be considered spam by google, and when commenting on other blogs is expected according to the article discussed in the blog

5. If you can wear a Top Level Domain (TLD), to make it more SEO friendly, but also do not use blogspot anything, the important thing we can maximize our SEO

6 Next, let us pray for the progress of our google adsense, more diligent in worship and many charity.