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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Various Benefits From Starfruit

Star fruit is a fruit that is very little demand when compared with other fruits. The taste of this fruit is actually sweet and the fruit is high in fiber. Star fruit is also usually in use as an ingredient in the manufacture of fruit salad. Star fruit has a unique shape is almost like a star and also with a yellow color when ripe star fruit. Who would have thought if the benefits to the health of star fruit is very much, and some of you may not know. Nutrient content in star fruit that has elements of vitamins and minerals, it contains energy, carbohydrates, sugars, dietary fiber, fat, protein, vitamin B5 and vitamin B9, vitamin C, phosphorus, calcium, zinc, and USDA sources.

For those of you who love this star fruit, should you need to know what are the benefits of star fruit to your body and you also have to know that the star fruit can prevent a variety of diseases and maintain a healthy body. You must be curious and want to know how well this fruit for our bodies. Other fruits such as fruit, star fruit's health benefits are very diverse. So here will be on the pillowcase on the benefits of star fruit.

Health Benefits From Starfruit

- Curing disease cough
- Overcoming canker sores and bleeding gums
- Reducing the pain of cavities
- Overcoming acne and fungus on the skin
- Helps to reduce high blood pressure
- Protect the body from diabetes
- Preventing paralysis
- Smooth digestion
- Destroying cholesterol
- Overcoming inflammation of the rectum
- Treating goiter
- For the treatment of rheumatism
- Make healthy skin
- Reduce the growth of gray hair in the hair
- Prevents hair loss
- Antidote to cancer-causing free radicals
- Preventing heart disease
- Preventing stroke
- As an anti-oxidant
- Increase the enzymes work in the body
- Coping with kidney disorders

That's review the benefits of star fruit for a healthy body. Very many properties and you have to consume this fruit to maintain the health of your body. Not only on the fruit is beneficial, but the leaves, flowers and roots are also useful. It is remarkable, flower star fruit ingredients usually used for drugs that overcome some illnesses such as coughs and ulcers, as well as malaria. Starfruit leaves used as a medicinal herb for overcoming pain in the abdomen, mumps, stomach ulcers, diuretic, and as a cure ulcers. While the roots can be used as a medicinal herb to address rheumatic disease. Very beneficial for health.

You should also need to know the benefits for the health of star fruit, namely especially for the young woman who always want to look beautiful. Well as content that has been described previously, star fruit is able to prevent and treat a variety of health problems. In addition, the benefits of leatherback is also used as a beauty treatment. Will review a bit about the benefits of this one.

Star fruit for health benefits are also utilized as beauty. The explanation is, starfruit is good nutrition for hair because this fruit is an excellent natural remedy for hair that is easy to fall off and the fruit is also a good source of anti-oxidants and vitamin C that can help delay the process and youthful. The woman would have preferred if the hair healthy and youthful. Then vit B complex is essential for hair growth and helps to keep hair strong and healthy and of course it contains a lot of vitamin B on the star fruit. Star fruit also can be made masks for the face, usually do women like to wear a face mask, especially if the material is made naturally. Then the latter is the star fruit contains zinc which reduce the tendency of acne. So for those of you who have facial acne, star fruit is consumed immediately.

Poem - You Are...

You Are...

You're like the sun rises
Shines the day and my heart
Warm the coldness of my heart
Growing a flower of love in my soul

Blush in your cheeks
Gentle smile on your lips
Create shade in my heart
Melt the rigors of my soul

You are my goal
You are my destiny
Let me continue be with you
Until the end of my breath

anungcamui @ 2015

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Negative Image Phenomena

What makes this unique from the picture? And what you see after looking at the picture for 15 seconds?

Scientific phenomena form a negative image this creates a visual sensation called negative afterimage. Although not new, this optical illusion successful cyberspace uproar because not everyone can see what is hidden behind the picture. Many people claim to have trouble finding the difference between a negative image with the afterimage.

In fact, you only need to look at the white dot in the middle of the nose for 15 seconds, or until the images seem to move, then saw a white screen on the computer, or even in your office wall. Afterwards, you can immediately see the photo Brunette haired beautiful woman. Although the reason why there are people who have trouble seeing the transformation of the image can not be explained, but its presence has colored the online world.

Well if you are, can you see it?

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Do not Judge Challenge, make everyone more respect ourselves

You know the trends of today's latest video? yeah that is, #DontJudgeChallenge!

Despite its name challenge, but in fact this video does not intend to compete with each other anyway, even challenge what is meant here is to challenge myself to not be embarrassed look ugly.

Starting from a Beauty Blogger from London, Em Ford, which is in-bully by the haters when they know Em skin condition with acne. Aware that not only Em who receive this bully, this 27 years old Em was also made through the campaign video that eventually widely followed by netizens with hashtag #dontjudgechallenge.

Like Em, sometimes even the little things that make us as women do not feel confident. Acne, connecting eyebrows, super thick glasses or teeth do not average, not a problem anymore if we know how to make an appearance still look attractive. So there is no such thing tuh insecure or not confident

Want to train your confidence without fear of ridicule by others? Let's follow-up to make video #dontjudgechallenge!


Multimasking, new beauty trends for multitasking women

After strobing and contouring clown now reappear latest trends multimasking. you've heard?

Actually, this one is a beauty treatment technique has been known for a long time, and many also have been making beauty routine. But recently, #multimasking so beauty trends yag touted as skin care tricks genius.

Multimasking Example

Although do not know who first preached it, but the idea of applying a different mask for each desired face proved to be very powerful. Especially for multitasking women who have combination skin and want to maintain the beauty, but do not have much time taking care of her skin.

Reporting from fashionista, dermatologist Debra Jaliman recommend, "Instead of applying masks one by one, and then rinse using other again, using different masks as needed in each part of the face simultaneously definitely save time."

Well, interested to try?

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Here Remedy For Sleeping Beauty

In a British study recently found that people who drink one ounce of fresh cherry juice twice a day, the average will fall asleep 39 minutes longer than those who consumed a placebo beverage.

The secret? Melatonin, a hormone produced by the body so that you can sleep soundly. The researchers believe, the fresh cherry fruit juice can stimulate the sleep hormone. With notes of cherry fruit juice drink is fresh cherry fruit juice instead of bottled.

You can also sleep soundly without the help of medication with a glass of milk contains calcium which helps regulate the hormone melatonin. In addition there are grapes that can reduce insomnia.