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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Negative Image Phenomena

What makes this unique from the picture? And what you see after looking at the picture for 15 seconds?

Scientific phenomena form a negative image this creates a visual sensation called negative afterimage. Although not new, this optical illusion successful cyberspace uproar because not everyone can see what is hidden behind the picture. Many people claim to have trouble finding the difference between a negative image with the afterimage.

In fact, you only need to look at the white dot in the middle of the nose for 15 seconds, or until the images seem to move, then saw a white screen on the computer, or even in your office wall. Afterwards, you can immediately see the photo Brunette haired beautiful woman. Although the reason why there are people who have trouble seeing the transformation of the image can not be explained, but its presence has colored the online world.

Well if you are, can you see it?

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Do not Judge Challenge, make everyone more respect ourselves

You know the trends of today's latest video? yeah that is, #DontJudgeChallenge!

Despite its name challenge, but in fact this video does not intend to compete with each other anyway, even challenge what is meant here is to challenge myself to not be embarrassed look ugly.

Starting from a Beauty Blogger from London, Em Ford, which is in-bully by the haters when they know Em skin condition with acne. Aware that not only Em who receive this bully, this 27 years old Em was also made through the campaign video that eventually widely followed by netizens with hashtag #dontjudgechallenge.

Like Em, sometimes even the little things that make us as women do not feel confident. Acne, connecting eyebrows, super thick glasses or teeth do not average, not a problem anymore if we know how to make an appearance still look attractive. So there is no such thing tuh insecure or not confident

Want to train your confidence without fear of ridicule by others? Let's follow-up to make video #dontjudgechallenge!


Multimasking, new beauty trends for multitasking women

After strobing and contouring clown now reappear latest trends multimasking. you've heard?

Actually, this one is a beauty treatment technique has been known for a long time, and many also have been making beauty routine. But recently, #multimasking so beauty trends yag touted as skin care tricks genius.

Multimasking Example

Although do not know who first preached it, but the idea of applying a different mask for each desired face proved to be very powerful. Especially for multitasking women who have combination skin and want to maintain the beauty, but do not have much time taking care of her skin.

Reporting from fashionista, dermatologist Debra Jaliman recommend, "Instead of applying masks one by one, and then rinse using other again, using different masks as needed in each part of the face simultaneously definitely save time."

Well, interested to try?

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Here Remedy For Sleeping Beauty

In a British study recently found that people who drink one ounce of fresh cherry juice twice a day, the average will fall asleep 39 minutes longer than those who consumed a placebo beverage.

The secret? Melatonin, a hormone produced by the body so that you can sleep soundly. The researchers believe, the fresh cherry fruit juice can stimulate the sleep hormone. With notes of cherry fruit juice drink is fresh cherry fruit juice instead of bottled.

You can also sleep soundly without the help of medication with a glass of milk contains calcium which helps regulate the hormone melatonin. In addition there are grapes that can reduce insomnia.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Powerful Ways To Streamline Body After Birth

Women have a tendency to gain weight after giving birth. This occurs as a result of the remnants of hormones during pregnancy that has not been balanced. No need to panic, because there are various ways you can do to restore the ideal shape of your body.

When you're taking care of children post-birth, of your time to treat yourself to be reduced. This may be the reason why your weight becomes excessive. To prevent this, the following are some tips to streamline your body as reported postpartum Healthmeup.

- Keep your food intake. Be careful of what you eat. Expand fiber and fruit, and avoid foods that can affect your health and the baby.
- Breastfeeding a baby is the most effective and natural way to lose weight safely. Did you know that breastfeeding will help you burn 250 kcal per day? Then there is no harm in giving nutrition for your baby at the same time lose weight.
- Trying to stay active life. Playing with your baby, take him a walk around the house, will help you burn unwanted calories.
- Make sure you get enough sleep 6-7 hours every night. If your baby is often awake at night, there is nothing wrong with her husband divide tasks so that you also get enough rest hours.
- Do not diet, just eat a balanced meal, vegetables, fish, lean meats, and dairy products. Try not to eat fast food during the first two years of your child's birth. Then it is not impossible your weight will come back ideal.

How to Overcome Active Kids At Night

Interesting experience experienced partner in the UK the following may be used as inspiration for them, especially parents who still have children under five. At the age of two or three years, children are usually more active. Not surprisingly, many parents complain of lack of rest due to having to wait or play with their children until late at night.

Reflecting on the story experienced by the couple Kathryn and Ryan Taylor origin of Sheffield, England, many toys and brightly colored poster in the room can stimulate children continue akktif and made it difficult to sleep. Getting rid of these objects from within the room may be able to help the children fast asleep.

Available rooms in which a variety of toys and posters turns lure children to use their imagination. In the imagination, son likens himself was playing. Toys are scattered in the room was transformed into a number of friends.

Kathryn and Ryan had suffered from lack of sleep for 2 years. This is due to both the baby they Freddy Taylor who was 3 years old, often waking at night and it was busy playing. When playing Freddy loud noises that often make the neighbors disturbed.

Initially, Kathryn and Ryan mengaggap his act is part of the growth process. Unfortunately it did not happen, Freddy improve the game clock to more than 2 hours. "We call Freddy activities as sleeping party, because she looks really enjoyed. He did not even disturbed when we came in, "said Kathryn.

Freedy habit makes Kathryn and Ryan could not sleep and are often tired. Freedy also looks tired and often complain of sleepiness in the morning. Freedy become more fussy and parents often cause emotions.

Kathryn and Ryan finally decided to bring her baby to sleep clinic. "We were advised to get rid of toys and colorful posters. We are also adding a portion of the dinner Freddy, "said Kathryn.

Kathryn and Ryan Freddy change the color of the bedroom walls become more "calm" and redecorate the rooms are becoming more "calm". For the dinner menu, Kathryn and Ryan added banana, peanut butter, or oats. The third dish helps the brain releases melatonin hormone that stimulates sleep.

These tips are proven to increase the hours of sleep their children, especially on the second night after attending pre-school. Freedy no longer awake at night. More importantly, Kathryn and Ryan could sleep enough to start joint activities of their children in the morning.

Vicki Dawson founder of The Children's Sleep Charity said, the approach preferred behavior in children with sleep difficulties. "If for medicine, we leave it to the more expert. But parents have to implement all the advice we give, "he said.

Viki advised parents not hesitate to rearrange her baby room. Toys, posters, or what ayang saj potentially attract attention, should be removed. This will provoke the child's brain to stop imagining, so mudahmerasa sleepy.

"This method has proven successful. As many as 59 percent of children that we handle overcame sleep disorders. The rest did not succeed Karen atidak implement suggestions to perfect, or there are other medical disorders, "said Vicki.