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Estrogen Cream

Want to know more on estrogen cream? Then go through this article which elaborates the topic further. Keep reading…

Sometime or the other, we have heard about the type of hormones boosting the sexual activity in individuals generally referred to as sex hormones; the androgens and the estrogens. These hormones are present in both the sexes, however, testosterone (androgen) is responsible for maleness while progesterone and estrogen are specific to females. Right from development of the sexual organs to sexual characteristics, estrogen plays a major role in the menstrual cycle as well has been used as an alternative oral contraceptive, and for hormone replacement therapy (HRT) as well.

Talking about estrogen, it is a steroid hormone produced by ovaries on puberty and mainly responsible for the sexual traits in a woman. Estrogen helps proper functioning of the menstrual cycle, since it is involved in the formation of the mature egg. We are acquainted that the estrogen and the progesterone levels increase during ovulation on a monthly basis and result in the release of the mature egg. Let's get into the details of what an estrogen cream is and whether it is recommended as well as familiar with the estrogen cream uses.

What is Estrogen Cream?

Knowing the details of estrogen cream is a prerequisite before using it, of course. It is expected that the progesterone and the estrogen levels drop down as a woman ages and reaches menopause. Menopause marks the end of active sexual life and is generally associated with very evident menopausal symptoms like vaginal dryness, insomnia, night sweats, painful intercourse and hot flashes. Estrogen cream helps overcome all of these over the span of its usage. It has been used over and over for low sex drive and vaginal lubrication as well.

Now what has to remembered here is, this is not a conventional cream that can be applied according to your wish. It is available in the market as a drug and medication therapy but requires a doctor's recommendation always. The next question that will come to your mind is, how does an estrogen cream work? Well, the estrogen cream is supposed to be applied near around areas of the neck region, thighs, upper chest, breasts, behind the knees, and also inside the vagina with the aid of some applicators. The 3 most important estrogens present in a human female are estriol, estradiol and estrone, which are essentially the main components of these estrogen creams. They work by getting absorbed through the skin in such a manner that they reach the blood stream pretty early and facilitate the elevation of the estrogen levels to avoid the symptoms given above.

Estrogen Cream Side Effects

Though estrogen cream is highly useful, it has its share of side effects which cannot be overlooked. Below is the list of some very common estrogen side effects.
  • Increases the risk of uterus cancer characterized by vaginal bleeding even after menopause
  • Increases the risk of heart attacks, heart diseases and strokes
  • Increases the risk of getting blood clots
  • Increases the risk of breast cancer
  • Increases the risk of dementia when used with progestins
  • Headache
  • Infections
  • Abdominal pain and back pain
  • Accidental injuries
  • Increases the risk of vaginitis
If you happen to check, there are many trustworthy pharmaceutical shops which sell different types of estrogen creams. Be sure to use natural progesterone creams made from human or plant estrogen, and avoid an estrogen cream over the counter in which the estrogen values vary significantly. Doctors suggests that estrogen cream for face or estrogen shampoos which are manufactured can be very detrimental to health and should be avoided in all circumstances.

So this was some useful info on estrogen creams. I hope you have understood the pros and cons of the same. If you have been advised to use this, be careful in its use.

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