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Gas Pains in Stomach

The following article provides information on the symptoms, causes and remedies for gas pains in stomach. Read on...

Formation of gas when the food is being digested is a normal process of the body. However, if the gas formation is in excess, resulting in abdominal pain and other gas pain symptoms such as stomach bloating, belching, flatulence, it is something that needs to be treated immediately. Gas pains in stomach can be very discomforting, not to mention how embarrassing they can be for the sufferer. Given below are the main causes which lead up to this condition, followed by some of the best gas pains in stomach remedy.

Causes of Gas Pains in Stomach
  • One of the most common reasons behind gas pains in stomach is eating in excess or eating the wrong kind of foods. Taking lots of fatty foods in the diet or those which are rich in carbohydrates, can lead to indigestion and gas formation.
  • There are some foods which are especially known to cause gas. Some of these foods that cause gas are cauliflower, cabbage, milk, bananas, broccoli, red kidney beans, aerated drinks, etc. So, if any of these foods are consumed, they can cause excess gas production.
  • Swallowing of large amounts of air is another of the flatulence causes. If a person eats his food very fast or breathes from mouth, excess air goes inside the digestive tract, leading to gas formation.
  • Food allergies, food intolerance as well as food poisoning can all produce gas pains in stomach as a side effect.
  • Skipping meals and keeping the stomach empty for long hours are some other excessive gas causes.
  • Anxiety, stress and depression may play havoc with a person's digestive system, leading to gas and abdominal pain.
  • Gas pains in stomach during pregnancy occur due to increased production of progesterone. This hormone relaxes the gastrointestinal tract muscles, thus slowing the digestion and causing gas in the process. Find more in gas pains during pregnancy.
  • Excess gas formation can result as a side effect of taking certain medicines.
Tips on How to Get Rid of Gas Pains in Stomach

How to get rid if gas pains? The first thing that a person should undertake for gas pain relief is to eliminate the causes behind it. Taking a balanced diet, avoiding the tendency to overeat, eliminating foods and beverages that might have lead up to this condition as well as changing one's medication if that's the reason behind it, are some of the precautionary measures one can take to avoid gas pains in stomach.

Home Remedies
There are a number of gas pain remedies which can be undertaken at home itself to get relief from it.
  • If a person takes a walk upon experiencing gas pain symptoms, it will help in releasing the gas. Another position that releases gas naturally is to kneel down and then rest your upper body on the thighs, keeping your head on the ground. Stay in this position for a while to release the gas.
  • Taking ginger tea or chamomile tea brings relief from gas pain.
  • If gas pains in stomach are due to stress, undertaking deep breathing or meditation everyday will help in treating them.
  • Drink a mixture prepared from a cup of warm water and two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar for relief from gas pain.
  • Asafoetida is known to have properties which help in better digestion. So, have it with warm water everyday as flatulence remedy.
  • Massaging the stomach gently in circular motions will help in releasing the gas.
  • Chewing celery seeds as well as fennel seeds after every meal prevents the formation of excess gas.
In most cases, gas pains in stomach get treated by taking these precautions as well as following the home remedies given here. Taking care of one's digestive health is the key to prevent excess gas formation. However, if the gas pains in stomach and chest as well as other symptoms become severe over time or are chronic, consulting a doctor for proper diagnoses and treatment is recommended.

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