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Visit Indonesia: Adventure in the Palace of Bees

Speaking of bees, as we know, endowed bee sting in the tail tool that serves to keep themselves and against other creatures who want to take the nest. Bee also has been known since ancient times. But at that time is maintained wild bees, or bees locally.

New in 1971 in Indonesia is done by bringing the modern cultivation of foreign bees, Apis mellifera types. The nest is made of shaped wood box with insulation in it that serves as a place of honey and bee breeding. "The bees began to grow in cottonwood plantations (kapok or randu) in Batang, Central Java," said Staff training experts "madu pramuka".

The ability of honey bees to sting and produce that is sold to visitors "Istana Lebah Madu Pramuka" in Cibubur, East Jakarta. Despite the lack of infrastructure, Bees Palace offers a unique and exciting tourist. Adventure enthusiasts and lovers of science, not to mention the children, could learn about the cultivation of bees, feed them to produce honey. Not to forget there is also a bee sting therapy.

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Cultivation and Honey Tasting

"Istana Lebah Madu Pramuka" made ​​tours aim bees in July 2005 as a means of education, both public and schools. What is clear to the means of information about the science of beekeeping and how to raise honey bees.

Bees Travel is open every day. Best visit to coincide with the schedule of the honey harvest around September and October. In these months rambutan flowers are blooming. Even so, do not worry if you visit the business does not fit the harvest, because the manager will still be guided to know the ins and outs of bees, colonies of bees, types of bees, bee nest building, means tending bees, harvesting honey to see.

This tour is not just for kids, adults can visit. Visitors are advised to wear a long-sleeved shirt and long pants. Once arrived, they were treated to a drink of honey as a welcome greeting.

First, visitors get information about the types of bees, organs, also the way of cultivation for about an hour. Before fall practice, they lent a special hat that comes nets so as not to bee sting.

Actually, the visitor does not need to be afraid of being stung as bees will not sting if they do not feel disturbed and not disturbed. Better not knocking into his house or disrupt the laying queen. Even the bees like this can pet animals, only propagate in the hand or body part and fly around. Some visitors initially seemed hesitant to hold the bees but after being told how safe did they dare to do so.

Are also no less interesting is the ongoing process of harvesting honey without destroying the honeycomb. Visitors were taught how to take the honeycomb out of the box and then put into a container where the nests are placed. Then the tool in the form of this drum is rotated so that the honey is in the hive out. Visitors were allowed tastings this fresh honey.

Remove Weary with Stings

Tourism in Cibubur honey occupies an area of ​​two acres with large shade trees such as kapok tree, rambutan, Gandaria, coconut, and so provide a comfortable atmosphere. It seems narrow, but enough to make visitors tired to see the process of making honey. To that end, the manager also serves bee therapy is quite powerful for those who experience fatigue, headaches, or simply maintain fitness.

Each visitor can try this bee stings. A total of 10 bees will sting to acupuncture points by the expert body to suit his illness. Bee sting attached to the patient's body left in a few moments, then removed from the patient's body.

Feels something is missing when visiting these places without carrying souvenirs of honey, propolis, pollen and royal jelly are also very beneficial for body fitness.

Interested traveled there? Do not hesitate, let's visit to Indonesia! and enjoy the fun!

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