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Gamelan in Java Society

In Indonesian society, there are still some people who believe that certain gamelan have supernatural powers. Sound issued from gamelan musical instruments are often considered to have magical powers that can affect human life aura. Gamelan like these usually not merely a musical instrument but it has been regarded as an heirloom, and only played at a very special moment. Therefore, the privilege, thus gamelan honored ancestors as well as respect. Actually, as homage to the ancestors, it is not exaggeration if we look from the taste (Roso) and energy involved when the master of forging and shaping of the orchestra to produce a tone that is so beautiful to seem magical; or when the owner of the gamelan was formerly often shed the feelings and thoughts by playing gamelan as well as seep pianist in her piano playing.

As a musical instrument that is considered to have magical powers, heirloom gamelan is often used to accompany gendhing-gendhing of Java which has a meaning very "special", which seemed to contain a mystery such as Tunggul Kawung gendhing that purported to "hold / move the" rain, or otherwise gendhing Mego Mendhung that is to bring heavy rain. Although it can not be proven scientifically, the gamelan players (karawitan) can prove it with the "sense" that they have.

Java community is a representation of harmony and ecstatic for the conscious cosmic achievement. Gamelan music is not just the case but be betting Javanese cultivate taste and devote themselves to sensibiltas cosmic (natural, human, and God). Gamelan is the essence of human nature in physical and spiritual life. Awareness of this Javanese gamelan for the community led to the mystical tendencies or sacralization. And not just a matter of gamelan melody, harmony, and dynamic. Harmony and order in the gamelan is a representation of a sacred journey towards God. Symbol beats the gong can mean achievement level (maqam) after the switching of certain devotions and quiet atmosphere interchangeably.

With the symbols on the spiritual nature of Java, the sacralization occurs with inner awareness and behavior. Mystical view of the gamelan was translated by authorities and experts in various religious rites at Keraton. Gamelan music into a device with breath and religious traditions. Gamelan into the game universe rite symbols and fad confidence Javaneseness values and religiosity.

In addition, gamelan is a kind of music that consists of a variety of instruments, including kendang, rebab, celempung, gambang, gong and bamboo flutes. The main components that make up the gamelan music instruments are bamboo, metal, and wood. Each instrument has its own function in gamelan music show. For example, closing a gong plays rhythm long and gives the balance after the previous musical rhythm decorated by gending. Javanese philosophy expressed in gamelan music is the harmony in talking and acting so as not to bring explosive expression and tolerance between people realize. Concrete manifestation in his music is the pull fiddle that is, a balanced blend of sound kenong, saron kendang and gambang and gong sounds on every cover of rhythm. Typical rhythm generated a fusion type of sound from each unit of equipment gamelan. Philosophically Javanese gamelan is an integral part of Javanese life.

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